DC Blogs Noted


Alice dates a lot… with what she has described as “varying” degrees of success.  A number of people have asked her why she hasn’t used eHarmony; she wrote an open letter in response – eHarmony: I am not compatible.

Is art found (at a steep discount) better than art acquired? Life Goes on, I Think? may not answer the question as much as she stakes a claim.

Mary L. Tabor is writing “A memoir about her separation from her husband and her rediscovery of life, sex and love after sixty,” and she is writing it “Live” which is to say that it is drafted in the form of a blog.  In some ways, this is the quintessential notion of the personal blog.  Her example is a riveting read, and includes lines like “We love on debt: Carta di credito finito?”

Have you ever gone myth-busting around DC?  Have you ever looked for J Street or tried to learn the truth about why it doesn’t exist?  Shannon from We Love DC has been, and this week set about resolving the myth of DC Boundary Stones.  Was it busted or confirmed?

Summer Restaurant Week is coming; do you know where your discount meal will be?  Todd Kliman, dining editor for the Washingtonian Magazine, lists on his blog the places where he would eat for Restaurant Week… with some caveats.

Top Chef Season 6 premiers this evening and a few members of the cast of cheftestants have connections to the DC area.  The Capital Spice blog has interviews with all of the local competitors: Mike Isabella of Zatinya, Bryan Voltaggio of Volt, and Jesse Sandlin of Abacrombie Fine Foods & Dining.

As a reminder, the August DC Blogger Meetup is tonight at Madams Organ @ 7pm.