DC Blogs Noted


Prince of Petworth rags on my (newish) neck of the woods. Oh Ballston, VA You Keep Getting Better and Better. Also (yes, a twofer from PoP today. You’re welcome Prince!) he shares some work from a local favorite poet. Poems by Reuben Jackson

Speaking of poetry… In Through the Back Door treats you to Paper Love

And speaking of pizza …wait, you weren’t? Washingtonian’s Best Bites invites you to partake in The Pizza Pool

Shmaley pleas for Fantasy Football Help.

Greater Greater Washington asks Why aren’t there buses to the memorials? (Buses of the non-Tourmobile Persuasion that is.)

Magda of Thunderstorms Highly Likely muses on Takeoffs and Landings, of Sorts.

Adventures in DC marvels at the difference between herself and college freshmen today, despite just a decade of time. Try (gulp) nearly two decades. The Class of 2013.