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A detective discourages the writers of Capital City Diner from filing a police report after they are mugged by a man who appeared to be carrying a sawed-off shotgun. Discussion about it can also be found at frozen tropics

More shotgun news: Metro’s heavily armed money collectors are a formidable presence. But are they being careless when they point a weapon at somebody? The writer of Unsuck DC Metro tells of his experience in the post, Please Don’t Point the Shotgun at Me. Excerpt:

The doors opened, and to my bewilderment a uniformed man stepped out of the first car brandishing an enormous shotgun. Since he was holding it up, and I was elevated on the escalator, it was pointing directly at me.

Wild and Crazy Pearl marks her 100th post with 10 top 10 lists. It’s a long, exhaustive and entertaining post that includes top 10 restaurants, desserts, products, Websites among others.

The writer of concrete jungle dc returns from vacation to discover a hole in the ceiling. A fire, sprinkler and a flood are to blame in the post, The importance of insurance.

Brightwood Living visits Baltimore’s Little Italy and offers a report with pastry photos.

There are no short sleeved dress shirts. Off the Cuff.

Interesting post about a skeleton uncovered in Venice and its link to vampires. Too Much Information. [Descriptive content warning]