DC Blogs Noted


Much has been blogged about the felonious behavior of athletes.  The latest post from the Food for Thought blog addresses this subject but in the larger context of all of our lives in A Guide to Withholding Pity from Fools.

The author of the Freedom from Blog offers a first hand account of a health care town hall meeting in Crazytown Dispatch.

Speaking of health care … Lawyer Mama knows that she is very fortunate to have her health and her high quality health care.  That doesn’t prevent her from wanting to voice her frustration with the system and enlisting others in the debate too

Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham obviously digs The Bard, and wants residents to enjoy a performance of Taming of the Shrew without spending pound nor pence.  Thanks to The Heights Life for the information.

Glamour Magazine published a nude photo of a “plus sized model” and did so without photoshopping the picture.  Stephanie, co-author of Not Easily Impressed, has some thoughts on the picture and the reaction it received from magazine readers

The certainty of karma is on full display in Sarah and the Goon Squad’s Karma is a Cruel Mistress.

It is probably just my left-handed bias spilling pixels onto your screen, but I adored this post from a fellow lefty whose right-handed child finds bliss in opposite handedness.  The blog is Not-Ever-Still Life with Girls.

Happy Third Birthday to the Vox Populi Blog – the extremely well written blog from the Georgetown University Newspaper that holds loads of appeal for students and non-students alike.