DC Blogs Noted


Sonnet87 compares and contrasts Pat Conroy’s last two books and wonders “why is high school the most important and defining period of time in the lives of the characters of both of these books?” among other things.

According to BlackGirlGrown’s guest blogger Tricia Wagner, women need to save more than men do.

After getting two parking tickets in one evening for parking in a legal (at the time) space, Learning to Fly challenged the tickets and won.

Waking up still drunk and feeling a smidge poorly, JP of the Gospel According to JP, announces his detox plans for the next thirty days. Should he meet this challenge, he plans to reward himself with the Great American Beer Festival.

Poverty & Policy wonders what to do in DC after earmarks have been eliminated.

What does it mean when you’re a center-right social libertarian non-interventionist cultural liberal? Roosevelt Island takes a political spectrum quiz.

Freewheelin’ Spirit is fixing up some bikes found on e-Bay and a neighbor’s trash pile.