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A recent trip to Seattle

Photographs and memories and thoughts, following the news of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s death. A few of the particularly nice tributes out there in DC cyberspace: DC Peg thinks of “the hand” from Hains Point in He Tried; while Lizkdc is moved by particular story: The Man at the Door (Ted Kennedy’s Death); and Cooby Snacks is affected more than was expected in Remembering Senator Kennedy. His Story talks about meeting the man: Farewell … Ted Kennedy while Black Sapience dedicates the blog to Kennedy’s memory, reprinting one of his most favorite speeches: Tribute to the Liberal Lion of the Senate: The Cause Endures.

[F]oxymoron takes to the market and encounters The Young DC Gelato Zombie.

DC Rocks is happy to see a local author on the list. Look What the Pres is Reading!

Suburban Sweetheart loooooveesss craigslist. She loves it so much… she tried it! Good luck SS. Confessions of a Craigslist Lover.

Pygmalion in a Blanket kicks it old school Sony Walkman style. Escalators are death traps anyways.