DC Blogs Noted


Relatives of (That’s Why) The Lady is a Tramp are asked not to read this post about what the French term la petite mort.

Spotted: Little Red Running Hood. DC [Summer] Interns. Never leave home without your badge.

Why I Never Ask Dad For Dating Advice. Average Jane

When a child bumps her head, the best remedy, aside from motherly attention, is something called the Boo Boo Bunny. Alice’s Adventures Underground

Districted is moving to Japan to learn the language full-time. A new location will mean an opportunity for a new blog. Excerpt: I’ll miss the District, with its wobbly Metro system, its bike-car tension, and its 99% population of DC-haters. I never hated DC, though I never loved it as a place to live.

Afro-Colombian Mural Party, Sat., Sept. 12 on U Street DC Scorpion Girl. Photos of new mural.

Nice photo of National (not Reagan) Airport. emmyjean