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You might have a problem with Facebook if … We’ll let Famous DC answer that question.

WMATA is considering a fare increase to close its $100M budget deficit.  Malnurtured Snay ran the numbers and is fine with the charges… and is apparently in the minority.

There is substantive portion of the football watching population who care at least as much for the performance of a randomly assembled selection of players as they do for their home team.  These are the people who play “Fantasy Football.”  Need a primer on getting started? UDo the Dishes blog is here to help with Fantasy Football 101

Perhaps the shadow of the pop-cultural rock under which I live is larger than I thought because I had no idea to whom the latest post on the Telling It Like It Is blog was addressed.  After some quick research, I learned exactly why it instructs Jon Gosselin to “Stop fronting like you’re some misplaced hipster who’s trying to find his place in the world.”

Television recaps are very en vogue for bloggers these days (since the advent of the blog really.) The newly married author of Trouble with Toast has been writing compelling recaps of Top Chef since Season 3 began

A pictorial of A Weekend in Food from the DC Rainmaker is visually stunning and hunger inducing.

Nightlife photographer Tony Powell offers a photographic glimpse into the world of beautiful people with his Last Kiss of Summer: Adult Swim and Club Ritz post.

The Off the Cuff blog makes a compelling argument for the bespoke suit.

I am not normally a fan of such shameless solipsism; however, with all of the negative press that Metro has been getting lately, I thought the interest of balance would be well served by sharing my pleasant and surprising Metro experience

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