DC Blogs Noted


Is rudeness getting out of control?  After a week of badly behaving celebs, Controlling Authority comments on how to construct a good apology.

Do you yearn for blog fame?  Do you wish you had thousands of readers and hundreds of comments? Ramblings of the Bearded One shares his recent brush with fame.

OK, OK, we all  know DC is not the fashion capital of the world.  So let’s do something about it!  Capitol Hill Style tells us to sign up for a makeover with the Washingtonian.

Have you seen this site being used humorously all over Facebook?    Pretty and…tells us what it’s like when you actually know someone in one of the mocked pictures.

On the Red Line shares: Check out some great theatre this week!

Another perspective of the tea party protests:  Our own Washwords asks “Who is left to speak for me?”

For those of us who missed this year’s Adams Morgan Festival, we can live vicariously through U Do  the Dishes.

Celebrate or grieve the end of summer with a new playlist!  Try Mevio Music…or Wired for Music for some new suggestions.