DC Blogs Noted


Lemmonex understands that this has been the summer of the lost icon, but none have affected her the way the loss of Patrick Swazye has.  In response, she offers a compelling tribute to the Dirty Dancing StarNot Enough Tequila in the World also pays tribute but more to the star of the cult classic Road House.

Among the most pernicious myths about DC is that there are no native Washingtonians.  We Love DC is tackling this misperception as part of their on going DC Myth Busting Series.

Besides the 78 cents that women make for doing the same job for which men are paid a dollar –yes, shockingly still – the author of the What DC People Hate blog has five more reasons why men have it easier/she wants to be a man.

The Foggy Dew scores some decidedly not cheap seats to a ball game and declares them a Justification for Higher Education.

The phrase “Teachable Moment” has been prominent in the national lexicon since President Obama used the phrase extensively as candidate.  The DC Damsel has her own, more localized version.

What is the natural evolutionary cross between a city that has more bloggers per capita than anywhere else and a month long celebration of beer?  Blogtoberfest of course, and the Washington City Paper is doing the organizing.  Events culminate with a happy hour in two weeks on 30 September – mark your calendars and write about beer.

The Real Housewives of DC have been confirmed (at least two of them have) and DC Fab has the details*.

* This qualification is the mental compromise I made with myself for including this admittedly culturally relevant link: I am judging you for clicking.