DC Blogs Noted


Bright Sparkly Jewels writes about daily life and DC government. In this post, Dog Park Heaven, she describes the range of people involved in the debate about the dog park at 17th and S.

Everyone had graduate degrees in public speaking or lawyering or sermon delivery, everyone had taken part in college Debate Club or had preached in Hyde Park or had become skilled speakers for (or against) anarchism or Transcendental Meditation, almost everyone could outshout Ethel Merman or Rush Limbaugh. And all were willing to show off their skills. Politicians took one look at the problem and decided there was no marked advantage to be had by taking up the cudgel for one or another position, and so ran off, promises fading into nothingness as they retreated to the relative sanity of a 17th Street watering hole.

Police surrounded the car of Barry Farm (Re)Mixed at a roadblock. As flashlights sweep the car’s interior, no attempt is made by police to explain their actions. He writes:

Do I believe 7D had the right to stop, interrogate and potentially search myself as well as my vehicle? Not unless it’s a crime for a grown 30 year old to buy a happy meal –just for the toy.

Sometimes blogs just appear with a mission, such as this one: 50 Dates. The writer intends to chronicle her goal of going on 50 dates by June 2010. The first post appears to be a review of her past, the first of her top worst dates. The reason for this mission is explained in the About section.

Why: Why the hell not? Or, more to the point, because I have love to give and lips worthy of kisses.

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