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The Toxic Office Church of the Big Sky Our writer is accused at work of being a potential ax murderer. This is an extraordinary and important story about workplace cruelty. Painful to read but Wow in terms of writingCube. An excerpt:

Yeah – that’s what this guy said when he was picked up by the police! I blinked. Wait a second. Where was this going? And then it was revealed. A complaint had been registered. I made someone “uncomfortable.”

I. Hate. Weddings. HATE Failed Southern Lady Was totally looking forward to a friend’s wedding in Georgia – Dennis. It starts:

Please do me a favor. If you are getting married, don’t invite me. I hate weddings. I hate everything about them – from the big tacky ring and the public display of affection that is usually the proposal all the way to the bombardment of bride and groom with bird seed or other pellet like projectiles …

Also noted: Citi SmartTrip Metrocard has problems, reports First to Third. I’m annoyed that Citi didn’t work out the kinks of this program before launching it. He reports a list of problems. The scene at the Adams Morgan McDonald’s: So this kid just starts yelling at them. He’s probably in 1st or 2nd grade. And he just goes off, screaming “Hurry Up!” right into their backs. From Countersignature. Unrelated related: Inventor of the Chicken Nugget Dies, from Hey Pretty. When she’s not working on her blog, Lucky Spinster aka Callie Kimball is a playwright and the premier of her latest play, “Jupiter Zoom,” is next week at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Georgetown. The space is a 45-seat black box theatre, and we already have over 60 reservations on the books, so reservations are STRONGLY recommended. “Jupiter Zoom” runs for one week, she writes. Update your links. Velvet in Dupont’s domain has changed, it’s now: http://www.velvetindupont.com/ Billiards for Gallery Place at Gallery Place Living. DC skater featured in Her Sports magazine at Skate Blog. dcblogs.com/live FAQ Site note: We may miss publishing tomorrow because of work demands.