DC Blogs Noted


Saturday-Night Vigilante Justice: Victims Catch U Street Mugger. Borderstan has a report from a witness to a mugging. Three men chased the mugger down and caught him in front of a U Street bar, and then delivered their own sense of justice to the applause of a crowd.

Romance Is Not Dead is the title of a post about a mysterious note left under the windshield wiper of a car belonging to Farm Fresh Meat

A Redskin player used Twitter to dig himself into a hole. The DC Universe shows what went wrong.

Mean Louise gets into a discussion about eating right and writes: I started to feel guilty for being obnoxious and sounding self-righteous so I told them I’d spent the weekend subsisting on Guinness, tater tots, and chocolate. They giggled at my joke; they thought I was kidding. I wasn’t.

If the Emmy wasn’t enough, Benjamin Linus of Lost aka Michael Emerson, gets a shout-out from Caged Bird Sings

The lack of access to fresh produce in some DC neighborhoods is addressed by Healthy Corner Stores DC. Beyond Bread

Photos from the H Street Festival Fashion Show at The Capitol Fashionista

Here’s your chance to be in a music video. The Vinyl District