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Congress Heights and Ward 8 are being targeted for group homes, writes Congress Heights on the Rise. The writer, in strongly written post, wants the same things NW has: shops, restaurants, quality housing option, coffee houses, and not another group home.

I can’t help but feel (and what I know) that this type of thing would NOT happen in an affluent community in Northwest! The Advoc8te doesn’t know when or how Ward 8 was elected “back yard and spare closet” of the entire District but it needs to STOP!

Why I won’t be seeing Tim Burton’s “Alice,” ever ever ever ever ever. Dealing in Subterfuges

The writer of People’s District records the images and thoughts of people around DC is a series of short stories. In this portrait, Sara describes one of DC’s characteristics:

I love that in any conversation you have, regardless of what position the person holds, be it schoolteacher, janitor, lawyer, everyone is aware of what is going on politically. That is a thing that was missing when I was a securities lawyer in Manhattan. There it was all about the work…very insular.

Drinking games with Germans at the Wonderland. Squid Pants

What I did on my staycation. (That’s Why) The Lady is a Tramp

Mission is terminated, which isn’t good news for fans of this blog. Intangible arts

The DC Commission on the Arts of Humanities is working on its next strategic plan and is seeking public input at a forum on Tuesday, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Here’s a chance for bloggers to argue that blogging is art and should have the opportunity to seek grants for special projects. Painterly Visions has link to details. Click on image.