DC Blogs Noted


Over the years, the Cosmopolitan Conservative has “repeatedly asked feminists to explain what feminism is.”  Concluding that she has never received an answer beyond “You just don’t get it” she set about discovering one for herself.  Her first stop was Jessica Valenti’s book, Full Frontal Feminism… she has some problems with it.

Alyssa Rosenberg, author of the blog of the same name, takes issue with “Cougarhood” writing:

Anyone who doesn’t know that women like to have sex beyond their sixteenth birthdays, and throughout careers, college, motherhood, and beyond, is stupid or not paying attention.  So to have to invent a cutesy term to explain that extremely basic fact is overly simplistic and annoying.

In sharing a story of unimaginable pain, Shine Out Loud Un-Silences the Violence in her past.

The author of I’m Gonna Break Your Heart is dating an older man.  She doesn’t offer a defense of the practice because as she contends it doesn’t need defending. She does, however, explain what she likes about dating an older man.

Does DC Parking Enforcement operate like a Mafia Shakedown?  Farm Fresh Meat offers a convincing case that they do and does so to the city’s detriment.

Though the author of the Is It Luck blog initially thought it “stupid at first,” he makes a reasoned case for celebrating today – Happy International Blasphemy Day!