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Prejudice From D.C. to Jerusalem An encounter in a taxi in Jerusalem forces our writer, a DC woman who is studying in Israel for a year, to maintain composure while dealing with stark questions. An excerpt from this outstanding post:

The woman on the sherut also made the point that she wants to help her own people, not those who want to destroy them. “Why help them,” she asked, “when I could help my own?” This raises a good question, and one that I couldn’t answer right away. I had to acknowledge the validity of her point: giving assistance to an outside group over one’s own doesn’t make much logical sense. Why bolster someone who could do me harm, when I could be making myself stronger?

Also Noted The Seabee statue is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen, writes Pygmalion In A Blanket. Of course my other problem with the Seabees statue is the giant, bare-chested man. First, the punchline: Don’t smile, people think it’s an open invitation to talk to you. See Green Canary for the build-up. Crazy? Yea call me crazy but I just blew almost 200 bucks of my most recent paycheck on a new pair of jeans, writes Athens Fabulous. A cab driver entertains his passenger by speaking a foreign language. At DC Cab Rider. Eating Whole Shrimp: What is it about this new trend in D.C. to serve a single, enormous shrimp with the shell, tail, head, legs, and feelers still on? From the food blog, Le Cuvee Americain: The American Blend. About the forecast of snow It is possible that some or all viewers in our broadcasting area could conceivably see accumulations of zero to twenty-four inches. From Beyond the Mall. Items for the social calendar at Grammar.police. Some good recommendations. Art History Mini-Essay: Titian by Capture the Castle.