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This post from Life of Mb isn’t a meme per se, more of a challenge; but how much more pleasant would the blogiverse be if we all did it?

I challenge all of you to thank 10 people today for something. It can be something as easy as thanking the cashier for giving you exact change for your morning coffee.

The links that follow are from the work of four bloggers known simply as The Collective. Two of their members recently wrote brief but jaw-droppingly honest letters to former partners: Dear Old Love I & Dear Old Love II.

That our increasing dependence on mobile devices has created another layer of technological rudeness is a long settled question.  When I read this post about Gays and Grindr by Jimbo, however, it was a whole new breach of the social contract described in part as:

Grindr is a program you can put on your iPhone that detects every other person with Grindr on their iPhone. Sort of like a locator beacon that gays can use to hook up.…Yet another tragic casualty to socialization and person-to-person communication due to improper use of a handheld device.

Do you think your kitchen is small? The Endless Simmer blog has announced the winners of their Tiny Kitchen Contest.  Click and feel better about your space.

The Glamazon Diaries gives us pictures of the evolutionary confluence of Champagne, Shoes, and Fairytales

The conservative Right meets the enemy, or: The top 5 ways the GOP will oppose School Garden Week from the You are Delicious.

Got plans tonight? Do you write a food blog, beverage blog, or just happen to be a fan of them and want to drink with a few of their writers?  The folks behind Capital Spice have organized another Food Blogger Happy Hour tonight.