DC Blogs Noted

HBO Cube, 18th and Columbia through Saturday.

Butterflies and catfish near Great Falls, in pictures, brought to you by Elf King’s Blog.

David Gaines writes about a friend of his, Abeo Anderson, who is trying to help the city’s youth through Raising Expectations, Inc.

A hat trick doesn’t necessarily refer to a hockey game triple score, at least in this post in Sex After Sixty.

Trooper was left for dead in a dumpster.  The Washington Humane Society blog describes her departure from the hospital to go to a rehabilitation organization to prepare her for life with an adoptive family.

AIRE (Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions) recommends the solar decathlon on the Mall through next weekend.

If you’re on trial, and possibly at risk for losing your freedom, wouldn’t you want to try to look like a not-too-odd member of society?  That’s what Capitol Hill 20210 expected, but was surprised to see defendants in court wearing, well, whatever.  Her advice?  Can the flipflops, the baggy jeans, and try to look reasonably respectable.