DC Blogs Noted


Church of the Big Sky goes to Wendy’s and observes a couple having sex in a car. (We are restraining, to the greatest possible extent and against all impulse to avoid obvious buns puns and stick to a straight-on TV Guide/Police Report style to detail the content.) The name of the post, Can I get that ‘Biggie’ Size? (Safe for Work, for those unlucky enough to be on the job today.)

Caged Bird Sings is told she has melanoma.

A teacher with the education and motivation to teach third grade is hired. Five weeks later, she is part of DC’s mass teacher layoff. The writer, a guest poster on The Washington Teacher, was the school’s only third grade teacher. And what will happen to her students: My principal has informed me that some students will move up to fourth grade and some will move down to second grade.

Some weighty thoughts about the needs and wants of a relationship. Looking to Live

Found money is tacked to a bulletin board. Free money? The Home Improvement Ninja

Photos of your favorite DC food bloggers at the arugula files. Nice collection of photos of from the Happy Hour at the CommonWealth Gastro Pub