DC Blogs Noted

Mural on the side of Logan Hardware, P Street, NW

In writing the Journal of the Plague Year in 1665, wannabe blogger Daniel Defoe worried about keeping up with his business, and so does Wild and Crazy Pearl in the post, Swine Flu: The Musical. She writes: The fun really began when the doctor told me I couldn’t leave my apartment for at least five days. Really? I am the most overscheduled person I know.

A blogger at K Squared tells of her transition from Oklahoma to DC, which included months of looking for work and the fear that failure could force her back to Oklahoma. She writes of DC: I’m here, and it’s so worth it.

The flinch, by Lemon Gloria, which begins: For the longest time, sirens in my parents’ neighborhood gave me the flinch, the quick panic. Because maybe they were going to our house. It wouldn’t be the first time.

My Five Rules of Gracious Living. Disaffected Scanner Jockey. Related: An act of graciousness. Restaurant Refugee.

DC Femella’s bike accident revelations: The bike actually did a wheelie (Is that the correct term?), and I was headed towards a really rough, rocky landing. When this happened, I realized that this is exactly what is happening within me. I’m losing myself because I am not following my dreams. The post: Almost Ending Up Hurt Made Me Realize What I Need to Do With My Life

Cats: A Love Story. A photo essay. Malnurtured Snay

The Mystery of Female Assets. A Charmed Life writes, after a visit to Adams Morgan. More on spontaneous desire in a collection of missed connections items. The Reshaping of Everyday Life

DC Food For All, a blog is born with a party, writes the Slow Cook.