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Are you a fan of Post Secret? Do you like getting free stuff for your electronic witticisms? Then you should consider entering the Post Secret Contest from Livit, Luvit

If you’re into internet dating, then you’ve probably at least heard about the dating site OK Cupid.  The site has an official blog that, among other things, uses statistical data to analyze dating trends across various demographics.  In what was a predictably controversial* post, their latest analysis concludes “Your Race Affects Whether People Write You Back.”

We’ve processed the messaging habits of over a million people and are about to basically prove that, despite what you might’ve heard from the Obama campaign and organic cereal commercials, racism is alive and well. It would be awesome if the other major online dating players would go out on a limb and release their own race data, too. I can’t imagine they will: multi-million dollar enterprises rarely like to admit that the people paying them those millions act like turds. But being poor gives us a certain freedom. To alienate all our users. So there.

The Rev. David Jackson has lived in DC for about the same amount of time it takes a Starbucks coffee to cool down.  Yet, he is leading the effort to halt the city’s advance towards gay marriage.  The Washington City Paper blog, City Desk, reports on Rev. Jackson getting a history lesson at a DC Council Hearing on the subject.

The author of the Caterwauling wonders about her life and metaphors from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Stunning photos that celebrate an elegant version of Halloween – masquerade style – from the Style Redux blog.

The Peoples Marathon, aka the Marine Corps Marathon, was last Sunday.  The author of the B(ridge) and T(unnel) Crowd blog chronicles the exorcism of some sibling rivalry demons and provides a vivid tick-tock of his run… complete with some visual aids and a TMI moment or two.

There are a plethora of NFL Blogs on the internet, but few combine biting snarkasm**, and insightful commentary like the NFL Chick.  Her Week 7 Recap is filled with gems like “The same teams that stunk last week, still stink. Shout out to the Browns, Rams, Titans, Bucs, Chiefs and Panthers for being consistent.”

* if you have several hours to kill, page through the more than 800 comments at time of publishing to get a sense of the controversy

*the evolutionary cross between snark and sarcasm, for those of you who weren’t already hip