DC Blogs Noted


Why.i.hate.dc is back to classic form with Why We Hate DC, Reason #1: The ‘networking’ blowhard.

Overheard: Two thuggish looking guys talk about vampires. The LibrariYan.

U Street Mom, a “kid and no car in urban DC,” just got a Madsen bike, an odd looking, attention-drawing thing. (Missed this gem when it was published earlier this month.) She writes: I am always happy to spread the good word about how fantastic the bike is, but 5, 6, 7 people in front of Whole Foods is a bit much. Brace yourself for this if you live in DC and buy this bike! Photo.

Rudi, the writer of Random Duck, testifies before the DC Council in support of gay marriage. He writes:

My basic stance is that marriage should be available to all as a basic, inalienable civil right. And civil rights are self-evident and do not, in my mind, require any sort of referendum to affirm. Kirstin and I choose not to marry, even though we have been a committed couple for 14 years, because our GLBTQ friends and family are unable to enjoy the same right as us.

Last week, Knit Me Pink wrote about a pending honeymoon, but in a post this week, titled Drag Queen Races, something has changed. In matter-of-fact and fast prose that leaves much unsaid, the writer begins: I bought him (dark, as they are his favorite) and stroll along in the rain to meet our friends. Instead, I get a call as I am waiting. Along with the misunderstandings he is not happy to see me or glad for the gift. I was even going to buy him flowers from a stand outside of the metro.

The Straight Torquer writes about meaning of the minimalist glass cube that’s now part of DC’s government building in the post, The Importance of Transparency.

Cooper Carey Waves to Ballston. DC Metrocentric. Rendering of some interesting architecture.

Overheard at the High Heel Race, Gay Boys by (In)Sanity Souffle.

More from the race: BYT has many photos. Race spectators are interviewed for a video by The New Gay to answer the question, High Heel Race – Laughing With Us or Laughing at US? One Photograph a Day has more than one photograph. And, Five Observations from the High Heel Race. Dupont Darling.