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Foggy Bottom Battle Inside the DC Bubble There are 2.5 acres of land available for development in Foggy Bottom, an enormous amount of open land for a downtown area. The area is the site of the former George Washington University Hospital building, which was razed after its replacement was built on an adjacent parking lot. Inside the DC Bubble writes about the controversy and includes a map, summary of the issues and neighborhood links. The post also points to a Save the Foggy Bottom web site that’s new and light on content. There’s not much to save; the neighborhood has largely evaporated as a result of campus development. But the neighborhood may recreate itself north of Pennsylvania Avenue in the area of 24th Street as more housing is built and a Trader Joe’s opens. The new development will likely make Foggy Bottom Adams Morgan-like in off-street parking availability. I like this blogger’s writing style; it’s energetic, tabloid-like. Also Noted “We need a cucumber check in Aisle 2,” writes Mortified at DC’s Legal Beagle. Do you want to work here? Things you never thought of looking for when considering a new job. By Econo-Girl. Clever. The things she does. When a women likes a guy, by DC Cookie. DC Blogs Body Function Round-up: (Don’t read these posts if squeamish) Kidney stone anesthesia. By Happy Pants. Amtrak bathroom adventure at Radical Flower. Sick in Public at I Caught You a Delicious Blog. When the oil runs out: The End of Suburbia at the Environmental Film Festival, a movie review by Chuck Tryon, a visiting assistant professor of media studies at Catholic University, who gives a detailed review in his blog, The Chutry Experiment. Metro signs at DC-Streets.

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