DC Blogs Noted


Fifteen minutes, U Street/Adams Morgan corridor, 3 am, Saturday night. Observed. Momentum.

One DC’s older blogs, Throwing Håmmers, has ended his blog. Hammer also leaves with a big damn list of acknowledgements, but it is Hammer, who also edits a post every now then at DCBlogs, who deserves thanks for some six years of entertaining and often heartfelt posts.

The unofficial list of Metro rider do’s and don’ts. Both Sides of the Fence.

An old silk blouse, at least a decade old, continues to get compliments. In the eye of the superpower.

A blogger who is eating on a food stamp budget for a month is now at day 22 and has $18.63 leftover for the final 10 days. A Mile in Another’s Shoes.

Senor Pollo ‘s place in the Peruvian Chicken hierarchy. A new place in Columbia Heights, just off 14th. Full Stomach Foodie.

Ask Miss A knows where you can buy deep fried turkeys.

The true face of evil. Mean Louise.