DC Blogs Noted


The Change I Wish to See’s latest post, Our Promise to You, embodies the title of his blog while reminding us that there are bad people in this world and those who abuse animals are pretty high on the list.

Diatribes by Joah offers “5 Things You Won’t Hear (But Must Know) When Starting a Retail Business.”  Having had some experience with the matter, I can tell you that most of the tips apply to restaurants too.

Normally we don’t make a habit of highlighting blog recaps of small events to which you weren’t invited (at least, this contributing editor doesn’t.) The Hill is Home blog’s recap of the Little Black Dress Swap, however, is an idea that is too good not to share.

Tina Dela Rosa’s Photography Blog presents some stunning images of “The Beauty of the Railway” in black and white.

Updating a prior DC Blogs Noted entry: We recently wrote about LiLu converting her TMI Thursdays to a Post Secret style offering.  The response was overwhelming and each of the three installments has been equal parts, funny, compelling, and breathtaking.

Thank you to the bloggers behind Not Easily Impressed who highlighted AutoCompleteMe which they accurately called “The best thing to happen to Google since the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button.”

Opposing views on the Catholic Church’s current scrape with the DC Council over Marriage Equality – surely some middle ground exists is the essence of a Seeking John Galt post; while here we go again is gist of a post by Armchair Actorvist.