DC Blogs Noted


While Cosmopolitan Conservative is still waiting for her copy of Sarah Palin’s book, she questions the Katie Couric strategy

Life in the Village describes three WTF moments that its author had in one day and says three WTF moments is a record.  This contributing editor applauds that optimistic spirit and would like to run a contest for how many WTF moments any of us have had on any given day.  Kudos to the blog author for not cutting and running but continuing to fight the good fight.

The Passenger, a new bar, is opening (or opened the evening of November 18, but this is written in advance) in the space where the Warehouse Theater used to be. ReadySetDC reviews the bar, having been there in advance. It’s hard to tell much about this new watering hole, but anyone who has the nerve to start a new business in this economy gets a plug from me.

DCMud discusses the new Montgomery County development guidelines for the Twinbrook neighborhood.

Dani of Positively Present considers a quote of Leo Rosten and living a life with purpose.

Sometimes it’s hard to get good service in restaurants: DC Chatter lists bottom line requirements and makes suggestions for above and beyond service.

Whether or not runners look like they’re having fun, some have good reasons to run, or good reasons to run from something, as Feast After Famine describes.