DC Blogs Noted


An American University grad student, Friederike Brand, has assembled a map of neighborhood blogs that illustrates in a dramatic manner the development of neighborhood blogs in DC. Neighborhood blogs are, in general, concentrated in areas of gentrification and neighborhoods that tend to attract the young and single. The District’s more settled areas, especially in the Northwest, Cleveland Park and above as well as the poorer areas, don’t have many neighborhood blogs, although more are beginning to appear. Is there anything to conclude from this and what changes are ahead? (Here’s our most up-to-date listing of neighborhood blogs.)

A District council at-large candidate, Clark Ray, makes an impression by asking the right question. Life in the Village.

Planning for a Thanksgiving dinner with 19 in attendance. Here’s the menu. Looking2Live.

Photo of the Day: She’s Watching Me, 2009. Tattoo photo. Lady Glock.

Someone finally addresses the problem created by the name ‘Brookland’. Photo. Jason’s View from DC.

On a trip to Egypt, a travel companion falls into a 12-foot hole. The Arena.

Stars & Bucks Cafe. Leslie in Adams Morgan.