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I suppose it should be no surprise after the recent springing up of cupcakeries in DC, but the moment has finally arrived: the District is (finally?) getting its own cupcake truck (via Churchill Corporate Housing Blog). Just so long as it doesn’t play Yankee Doodle…

FoggyDew and Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor.” Both conclude the $12 entrance fee is well worth the splurge, even in a city of predominantly free museums.

Date the District asserts her personal philosophy on the “dating game” for women: “…Stop trying to figure out what he’s thinking.”

Scotus of The DC Universe finds himself (slightly reluctantly) reliving a childhood memory at The Survivor Series at the Verizon Center this past weekend. He also wonders “why the WWE has female wrestlers”.

Finding herself at home with a couple of bored swine-flu infested munchkins, Pink & Green Mama took it upon herself to create an old-fashioned Farmville to entertain her girls. Apparently, there is life without technology. Who knew?

Some may think the pumpkin is a bit overrated, as far as holiday food goes (cough cough me), but Bartender2Go has a fantastic idea for a Spiked Apple Cider punch, a la pumpkin serving bowl. (I may or may not be able to personally attest to the brilliance of this idea.)

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