DC Blogs Noted


Moving to DC meant giving up a home in Shreveport, La., and with the market so bad Pisces out of Water decided to rent their house. But the experience of being a landlord has not been the best so now there’s a home for sale.

Nanda can’t commit to anything and pushes people away. She wants to change and her path to enlightenment takes her to a Adams Morgan tattoo parlor. ThereWasNoSound.

Last day of my twenties. thinklynsen.

Great photo of people waiting for Metro by One Photograph a Day.

Newspaper distributors are getting in the way of Metro entrances, writes Joel’s McBlog, in the post, Back up and quiet down.

Zandria: 14 Things This Single Gal is Thankful For.

Book recommendation: No Way to Treat a First Lady, by Christopher Buckley. Sprite Writes

Thoughts about Tiger at Rice Quips: Tell the truth Tiger. Me and your mother have already forgiven you.

A new Petworth store is ‘taking old stuff and making it cool again,’ reports Prince of Petworth. Also, SisterSpace Bookstore Opens in Petworth.