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A History of Dares A Sleepy Girl’s Thoughts on Life When she’s not sleeping, this writer is doing things that may make strong guys quake — at least those whose watch what they eat. When dared, our writer responds. An excerpt from her history of her dares.

I once drank Tabasco sauce straight. I’ve chugged the remnants of a co-worker’s melted banana ice cream mess.

Also Noted DC’s little piece of New Orleans: Lulu’s Club Mardi Gras is closed, reports Tales from the Club, and writes: I’m not sure whether to rejoice or mourn. A very good story about Lulu’s in the independent GWU newspaper, The Daily Colonial. The adjacent, French Quarter-themed restaurant, Blackies, closed earlier. Frotteurism explained by the Rock Creek Rambler. We’re informed: And the District is a city of frotteurs. Practice safe grammar or the personal ad adventurers at Playing with Matches won’t respond to your email. The writers of this recently launched blog will chronicle their online dating adventures. They write: We’re here to chronicle the best of the best, the worst of the worst. We’re going to start some fires. Whether we put them out or not is yet to be determined. Silver Spring is all about sophisticated urban living, and its downtown is the “last word in city energy,” writes the blogger Gunnar at Silver Spring, Singular, who is scathing about a luxury condo advertising pitch for a new development, The Ellsworth. Royalty blogging in DC. It wasn’t my fault the entire Czech royal family was killed in a freak family portrait accident and that they found out I had like, 8% royal blood. I thought it would be fun to be a Czech princess. From SVR. Scarlet wears a very nice crown in her picture. Mile-by-mile report by National Marathon runner. Excerpt from Mile 6: Still running too fast. Just make a mental note to sign up for eHarmony or something later and slow the hell down! From Me Fail English?! Photo: A view from the train to NYC. A Hecht’s warehouse building on New York Avenue. It’s a beautiful structure that’s due to be closed, the Washington Post reports.