DC Blogs Noted


Unemployment limbo. Fresh Muddy Waters. After telling employees that all was fine, it turns out it wasn’t Titania writes: 27 coworkers and I were laid off. Titania writes: They got rid of all experienced PhD economists at my level, but one. It felt like carnage. Mostly, I felt lied to, I felt betrayed and deceived.

Most, Sorry, I haven’t blogged in a while post, are something to skip over. But not this one. Living Life Frame by Frame. Always follow an apology with photos of kittens.

Animal Farm in Columbia Heights. Farm Fresh Meat shows the family off.

Bad drugs prompt strange behavior in Fairfax Village. Life in the Village.

Lofty Expectations, Great Experience: Rasika. Eating Around DC.

The DC Birding Blog writes about the Hawk Trapped in the Metro, and also has a link to the really good Washington Post article about it. Read it as well.