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If you’ve never been burdened by self doubt, you’re probably not encumbered with self-awareness either. Alice, the “Idealist, Triathlete, and Politico” behind the Was It for This? has a candid post about her doubts with Home Alone. Very Alone.

…Speaking of candidly confronting doubts, Lemon Gloria writes bravely about one of her doubts as a new mother in Inadequacy Revisited.

The Twelve Days of Christmas… Daily Bitch Style is the latest from the PHNX65 blog.

What happens when the collegiate version of Date Lab, the Washington Post’s weekly and slightly addictive foray into matchmaking, meets Punk’d? Vox Populi blog and one unsuspecting Southern co-ed learned the answer and wrote about it in The Undercover Lover.

The author of the Feast After Famine writes eloquently about dealing with her pre-mature menopause.

If you sneeze next to our Christmas tree, needles crash to the floor in stunning numbers. The limbs are curled with premature age: lifeless, shriveled, sad.

My doctor phoned with a shocking medical diagnosis yesterday: I’m menopausal. At 38! While I’m still nursing.

I can’t help but see myself when I look at the tree now.

Shriveled Tree, Shriveled Me is a compelling read.

Some of you reading this are, like me, old enough to remember days when Legos where just the blocks and childhood imagination created the objects. As Jess, the blogger behind City Girls World, confusingly discovered, Legos are now preformed “trucks, dinosaurs, and robots. What to do? Employ the same technique as selecting wine, of course.

Year end summaries are all the rage this time of year. Not Enough Tequila takes it up a notch with an irreverent and more than occasionally laugh inducing summary of the End of the Aughts