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Just imagine you are holding a Christmas party and semi-masked men come in, one with a gun, and rob everyone at it. That’s what happened to the writer of And Now, Anacostia and his roommates. Read the account.

The snowball fight at 14th and U illustrates why we love living in DC. It includes politics, thanks to some local anarchists who proclaimed “No War but Snowball War.” BroadSnark. And, of course, after police got involved someone in the crowd yelled, “We got a bunch of lawyers in the crowd!” An a priori observation for DC if there ever was one. little starletta. And City Desk wraps it up: DC Police Admit Detective Pulled Out Gun During Snowball Fight.

Red meets white. Photo. Life Through a Lens.

My White Shirt said it best about the recent storm: Falling snow is so peaceful. It has the same calming effect on me as the ocean at the beach. It causes me to reflect on good memories and even helps with making difficult decisions. (Nice photos, too.)

Another view on the emotional power of a big snow. Reya.

Adams Morgan gets restaurant for the over 25 set, Sutra. ReadysetDC.