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If you thought that the MPD Detective who brought a gun to a snowball fight painted the department in a less than flattering light, reading about the case of unarmed Larry Rice, Jr. getting shot in a warrantless drug raid, the subsequent police investigation that cleared the officers involved, and the actions of DC Attorney General, Peter Nickles, to shield the public from the truth in the lawsuit, will give even greater pause.  Thank you, City Desk for your reporting on this.

Dagny Taggart, the author of Seeking John Galt, has the funniest (punniest?) last minute gift idea I’ve seen all week.

I personally believe that travel during snow emergencies should be restricted to absolute emergencies (threats to life or limb, sincere aid of a friend, or running out of beer,) however, two DC bloggers count weddings on that list.  The Disaffected Scanner Jockey, and Liz in DC each had to attend a White Wedding.

Are you a heavy Netflix user? Are you familiar with the process of “throttling?” You will be after reading The Arena’s explanation of the process and their philosophical problems with it.

How did one of DC’s most prolific walkers handle the snow storm and the varying feelings that tend to evolve with it? Salty offers that explanation from Candy Sandwich.

The weekend’s sense of adventure had faded as the snow condensed and tinted any and every color but that of a fresh fallen snow. 

A generalized Shout-Out to a relatively new blog: in Adventures of a Puma, the eponymous author tells stories of a local woman who is “Not quite the Cougar… Not quite the kitty.”

Note: Publishing will resume Monday, but links in the live feed will be updated during the break. Happy holidays and safe travels to all from all the editors. (Photo: Fire faucets on I and 20th NW that have since been returned, unfortunately, to an upright position.)