DC Blogs Noted

Random Collection of Breakup Lines Velvet in Dupont This very entertaining list includes contributions from some local bloggers. Read the comments as well. Many of these breakup lines come from hard experience. Here’s one of many: When we were trying to work things out, and you said, “My pizza is here, I’ll call you right back,” I knew at that moment you loved me less than that pizza and that was all I needed. Also Noted: Eye witness reporting: Women, on the other hand, are definitely bigger in Texas, writes Good at Drinking, Bad at Life. Entertaining work. My bracket is a mess. What’s worse, I owe money to about 13 different species, reports our favorite panda at the Inner Monologue of Bandit the Panda. The writer of a blog that’s still missed for its energy and wit, Washington Socialites, is back with a new project, with Ask KAC aka Kelly Ann Collins. It’s just starting, but check it out. Learned of this via Big Head Rob, who writes, … At the height of her blogging popularity, she mysteriously disappeared from the blogging scene …. Mari at In Shaw shares a post from the Logan Circle Listserv about the self-centeredness of church double parkers. Thoughts about Club Libby Lu by Angry Pregnant Lawyer. dcblogs.com/live update: I was hoping to have added 30 new blogs by now, but had some tech issues. Nothing major. It will be updated and the requested changes, new urls, included as well. Apologize for delay. Photo: Waiting for takeout at Blackies entrance.