DC Blogs Noted


Thank you Snow-pocalypse, for the gift of time, writes Wife and Mommy.

Tickle the Pear speaks for all right thinking people everywhere when writing “Something about the holiday season makes me want to see the planet blow up.”  Which disaster/apocalyptic film is your holiday favorite?

A first year review of President Obama (and reflections on the changes in our society), by Nat Turner’s Revenge.

Why sledding blows” from Sarah and the Goon Squad.  Don’t worry.  No injuries were fatal.

America’s Young Theologian considers whether theft is really theft if one is truly needy.

Jamy of Grateful Dating is apparently worrying about being lazy, or at least labelling herself lazy.  Jamy, sweetheart, PowerTown stopped this week, so don’t give yourself a hard time.  You’re good.  Enjoy.