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Here’s some Advice for Al Qaeda. Pancake City: Stop trying to make bombs that work. Focus on making air travel as excruciating as possible. Matthew Yglesias offers a perspective on the Chistmas airline incident in the post, Not So Scary ‘Terror.’

New years often begin with fresh career assessments, which is what Technology & MSG does in the post, Driven by Many Factors.

A review of Up in the Air by Occam’s Razor, who writes: Up in the Air is something of a parable for our 21st century information age and the pitfalls that are inherent in the virtualized and ephemeral relationships many inhabit these days.

Snowless Echo Park. Photo from LA by Unpopped Collar.

The Slow Cook reports: Someone has started growing and milling grain again close enough to the District of Columbia that you can buy it at the local farmers market.

The 42 has been listing his top ten stories of the year one day at a time.

What 13th St. NW looked like at 1:30 p.m. on Christmas Day. One Photograph a Day.

Anatomy of a Hot Flash. feast after famine

Peter, the writer of dc spinster, wonders about the merits of cable TV as he surveys the viewing landscape.