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Still wondering what to do to ring in the end of the aughts tomorrow evening? The Washingtonian lists four e-pages of options, with a range that includes everything from the fancy hotel parties to no cover charge dive bars.

Speaking of New Year’s Eve, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program continues to offer a sort of free taxi-ride-home program for those who choose to ring in the new year, ahem, “libationally”. Ms. V of Life in the Village implores us to put the number in our cell phones now, and more importantly, to use it. (I am informed that this option is much more viable in the suburbs than the district- but then, y’all need it more out there, don’t you?)

Suburban Sweetheart, though proud of and involved with her Jewish heritage, fondly recalls mini-Christmas and Easter celebrations from her childhood before her “secularly Christian” father passed… and she wonders if she might one day be inspired to again introduce some of these traditions in her own home.

Andrew McCormick of The Arena gives us ten reasons “Why a 26-year-old married guy should read Twilight…” Um. Nuff said.

I’m about to get all girly on you. The Capitol Fashionista. gives us ladies a nicely varied (in style AND in price) list of a dozen favorite dresses for New Year’s. I will fight you for that little orange and fuschia number…

Legally Heidi was given Sarah Palin’s book as a gag gift, practically with receipt inside. Now the question is… will her curiosity (and her upbringing in a self-proclaimed “bible-thumping” family) get the better of her… or will she return it?

Bridget Marie from Numbers Not Invited gives advice on how to deal with those, um… more colorful family members during the holidays. Aptly titled, “Let Your Freak Flag Fly.”

If you’re opposed to making definitive plans for New Year’s Eve, you may value this “When to Crash a Party” guide from Sallying.