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Puzzling bar examination application process Ambivalent Imbroglio Evidently, you have to disclose every little detail of your life, former loves and money, for the bar exam. People typically disclose volumes about themselves for all kinds of sensitive jobs in DC. This paper inquisition, usually suffered unquestioningly, doesn’t seem to do all that much good. But regarding the bar exam form, our writer makes a number of observations and asks some pointed questions, including: What business is it of yours whether I have ever had a divorce or had a marriage annulled or set aside? Also Noted Park on the street for $15 in Adams Morgan, reports Beauty and the Beltway, who is … more than a little angry that someone could hijack a public parking space simply by standing in it and daring us to run him over. Scared. Radical Flower. Four short graphs about mortality and the fear of loss. Love the blog art, and nice photos as well: Not How We Normally Put Pacifiers in Our Mouths. Sarah and the Good Squad. Thanks to Reya for the link. Please don’t look at my boobs today, writes irina is always right. Stinging criticism of WaPo Nats column at Capitol Punishment. When did the Three Day Rule become ok? Hey Pretty wants to know. Aussie observations from our traveler, K Street Blues. Horse patrols for Adams Morgan, writes Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space. Tour of DC pizza love at Sandblower. Jaywalking is illegal? In DC? View of ticket at dcist. I suffer online dating woes so you don’t have to by Alex Payne. Comprehensive. Interesting. Photo collage of sorts. A Time and Place of Our Choosing.