DC Blogs Noted


This is the way the new media is supposed to work: the author of Blonder Than You completed a meme/blog award (there may or may not be discussion of the absence of knickers) from A Vapid Blonde’s blog which featured a hysterical post in which she detailed the interaction she had via Twitter that ended with a free bottle of vodka… and now DCBlogs shares with you.

According to Listen to Leon “If ever there were proof that God intended for pole dancing to remain in strip clubs and out of places like aerobic classes and family gatherings, it’s this clip right here.” If you’re at work, feel free to mute and watch it – it’s still funny even without the sound.

According to research conducted by The Alliance for a Safe and Diverse DC, possession of multiple condoms is used as evidence of prostitution. The whole report is ninety-two pages, but the summary and commentary by The Republic of T is concise and disturbing on many levels.

A recent post on Gawker discussed what they termed “The Two-Step Monogamy Shuffle and the Relationship Ommission Tango.” Dagny Taggart, the author of Seeking John Galt, writes about her experiences with this phenomenon (her post has a link to the Gawker piece.)

It is the rare long distance relationship that doesn’t end – because one party moves or both move on. What do you do with the relationships that occupy that sliver of space between the two? According to The Year of Sexy one answer is “Doing Something You Don’t Want to Do.”

Unpopped Collar has an easy explanation for one Georgetown Stereotype.

Too Much Perspective can be a painful and teary-eyed thing to have, so learned the author of the Not Afraid to Use It blog … and this contributing editor too.