DC Blogs Noted


Unless you use bottled water for everything from drinking to bathing, chances are pretty good that at some point you’ve been less than enamored with DC Water and Sewer Authority. A Jersey Kid writes about his experiences in his Customer Service Announcement.

iMetro frequently chronicles the commuting tales of woe of the self-described MetroMan. The latest post, however, diverges from that for a tale of small scale charity and large scale grace.

The Washington restaurant community may have many foibles, but a lack of charity has never been among them. Metrocurean has the scoop on many area restaurants’ efforts to help victims of the Haiti Earthquake. [ed. note: food and drink taste better when proceeds go to a good cause… there’s also an unconfirmed rumor that the calories are lower too.*]

Which is scarier – a doctor’s visit that involves looking for “cell abnormalities,” or going to it alone? Freckled K’s Pluck is her eloquent and moving answer.

Anyone over the edge of thirty recalls its year 29 precipice and all that it can bring (good and bad.) Hannah, Just Breathe has started knocking on 30’s door and has some thoughts on the matter.

Lemmonex explains her complicated relationship with weight loss television shows in The Biggest