DC Blogs Noted


FoBoBlo thinks that sending a giant get well card to Haiti (rather than sending actual help) is “tragic/sad/funny/cruel particularly when the message is sent by “some of the most privileged college students in the world.”

Freewheeling Spirit considers whether a bike found in the trash is salvageable.

Letting go of resentment regarding an ex is obviously a state to be sought after, although when that ex is an ex due to the decision to try a polyamorous* lifestyle is it worth the effort? Metaphysical Junkie works through the process.

A picture’s worth a thousand words:  DC’s very own Spanish Steps in Meridian Hill Park DC Metrocentric.

Of the New York Times’s plan to start charging for online access, Manifest Destiny says: “this is not going to work.”

Parenting BY dummies beats herself up, but need not.  Her two-year old really doesn’t care that it was a birthday doughnut. Really.

And as if President Obama didn’t have enough to worry about right now (per Eavesdrop DC).

*Yes, yes, it’s not a synonym with horndog, but still . . . .