DC Blogs Noted


Lemmonex explains why this is my last blog entry.

Geeks Without Borders: Live From Inside DC’s Crisis Camp. We Love DC

How would you like a personal chef for special Valentines Day? Then submit a raffle entry by Tuesday. By DCBlogs’ editor, Restaurant Refugee, who is also a personal chef.

Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity comes to the assistance of a friend suffering a “mysterious illness,” that turns out to be an all too common one, in the post, On Alcoholism.

Is there a Special Interest Group for Everyman? Mtngrl Musing. Regarding the recent Supreme Court decision on campaign activities.

Capitol Catholic is the blog is GW freshman who is attending Mass at every Catholic Church in DC. In this post, he shares a story about the Little Sisters of the Poor and a final act of charity to one man.

Shoe Addict in photos. A Day in the Life.

There Is No Such Thing As A “Postdoctoral Student.” Rant. Skullcrusher Mountain.

Can Wasabi Save Lives? Food & Think. Some insights from a Smithsonian blog.