DC Blogs Noted


Maxie’s opening salvo, “If you haven’t heard of Texts from Last Night, you’ve been living under [an unprintable] rock; a rock without internet access,” shamed me into viewing the hilarious site. The site is the subject of a newly released book and she is hosting a contest to give away a copy. Visit I Hate So Much for all the details.

DC Gays of Our Lives sees enough parallels between the phenomenon that is The Jersey Shore and some segments of the DC Gay Community that he created a comparison game: DC Gay or Jersey Shore? Play amongst yourselves.

New Year’s Resolution posts are well tardy by the end of January, but this snarkastic post of Non-Resolutions from -the fooler initiative- is well worth the wait.

A stunning architectural photograph from Juxtaposed.

Whenever a lottery pay-out gets to nine figures, ticket sales jump and lots of people spend free moments fanaticizing about how they would spend their winnings. Francesca, the blogger behind Nodding is Underrated, answers the question of what she would do with the oddly chosen number, $47,000. What might you do?

Only in DC is the question “Where are you watching the State of the a common substitute for “what are you doing tonight.” If you want to watch at while someone else gets the drinks and food, the Washingtonian Best Bites Blog has a list of places for A State of Inebriation.