DC Blogs Noted


Fairfax County beats Montgomery County: higher median income, median home value, and slightly higher foreclosure rate, as noted in Urban Turf.

Regarding dating and giving out phone numbers, Single with Style believes that “the first step toward happiness is not allowing yourself to be miserable” and thinks the method of forgetting to whom you gave your phone number works better than wondering why somebody isn’t calling.

Livin mi Life pays back the local business owner who lets customers round down $.03 or $.04 to the nearest dollar.

Does straightforward really mean socially inept? Seeking John Galt ponders this idea along with being surprised by an acquaintance’s spin on a situation resulting in “some pretty egregious lying by omission.”

Sean of Sean’s Ramblings asks the same question I had been asking whenever I saw the Verizon 3G coverage map advertisements on TV (other than wha?): what’s the difference Commenters give him (and completely coincidentally, me) an answer.