DC Blogs Noted


Global Chameleon who posts about place takes on why New York is different than DC. Does Global have it right, New Yorker in DC? TBA, but meanwhile NY in DC gives us a State of the Union live Tweet.

Speaking of the SoTU… Famous DC takes on a tough “inside the Beltway” task. Closing Bell: Intervention

Golden calves are not to be worshipped and neither, according to Jason’s Blog are Golden cows?

Greater, Greater Washington takes on Superblocks near Metro, Part 1: Prince George’s.

DC NearlyWeds will build up one lucky buttercup. They offer a Beau-Coup Valentine’s Blogger Contest. Merci, mademoiselles.

Washington D.C. Metblogs recaps our favorite hyperlocal tv show (for this season anyway) Real World DC: Episode 5 Breakdown. And so does Vox Populi (ooh, college kids writing on college kids. how meta!) in The Real World DC Power Rankings: Week Five. I gotta start watching this more regularly. I mean at all. I mean, okay, yah, I’ve loved real world since I WAS RW age and DC RW, freakin irresistible.