DC Blogs Noted


If you’ve ever wanted to be the high point of someone’s day, have kids.* RudeCactus discusses this phenomenon and how it works and makes him happy, even as he’s driven to buy two bottles of wine, a six-pack of beer, pop-tarts, and ice cream at the grocery store.

In more parenthood news, the kids in Stimeyland are not the least bit impressed by little tadpoles growing arms, but their mother is certainly all agog with glee.

Skullcrusher Mountain links to a prime example of why techies should ruthlessly suppress their creative sides (looking with dismay at the novel written by the chairman of the UN’s panel on climate change). Can you say crime against nature, boys and girls?

The federal government’s unscheduled leave policy irked U Street Girl until she walked out of her front door and discovered most of the sidewalks and streets were clear. Then she wondered if DC was becoming a hardened northern city.

Running with Blue Sponge considers the proposed repeal of Don’t-Ask-Don’t Tell a good thing and wonders why a year’s study is needed to implement the change.

Lonnie Bruner of Talkin’ [Expletive Deleted] About a Pretty Sunset was trying to sell a product in Iran, which led him to his post about People Braver Than Me. And let’s hope Mr. Bruner’s colleague does regain vision in is left eye.

*Added by the editor: before they turn into teenagers. Then get a dog.