DC Blogs Noted: Edition of Doubt


Doubts about Donald Rumsfeld’s carpet and wallpaper choices. I Am a Lefty.

Is an MBA worth the cost? How much learning is really going on? Saint in Exile has his doubts.

Doubts about happy hour specials in the vicinity of 14th and K are mostly confirmed with one notable exception. DCfabulous.

Doubts about the most recent Baltimore Orioles trade. 567 Miles from Home.

Think Big Brother is getting any smaller? Between the increasing number of surveillance cameras in DC and some new legislation moving through the Hill, the bloggers at Blackbox and Scholars and Rogues have their doubts.

Doubt the tenacity of DC voters? Think again. Neither freezing rain nor treacherous sidewalks nor lack of doorknobs can keep NotionsCapital from his appointed polling place.