DC Blogs Noted: “That post you wrote that time…”

That post you did that time… 10-14-09

We temporarily interrupt our regular format around these parts to step into the Wayback Machine for a second look at resonant posts that escaped the initial lasso of the DC Blogs roundup.  Posts that lingered in our thoughts long after their initial unveiling.  Posts we remember on our third beer when we’re knocking back a few with the author.  Posts we bring up in conversation by saying, “Hey, you remember that post you wrote that time…”

Between Love and Like contemplates music collections as a dating compatibility measure.  She writes: To me, keeping up, even just a little, with music that’s off the beaten path, speaks to something a little deeper in a personality, and that’s the proactive desire to see what else is out there beyond what’s just in front of your face, to take a chance, to explore.

Faced with an intractable language barrier, I Am a Lefty leaves behind a hand-drawn cartoon illustrating dire consequences for her mysterious German bike vandal.  Oh it IS foul play indeed!

If the DC Blogs live feed is any indication, it’s entirely possible that Washington produces more electronic dating rants per capita than any other city in America.  If there were a Hall of Fame for these rants, emmajean’s What You Feel Only Matters To You would be a first-ballot selection.

Intangible Arts marks the 10-year anniversary of the passing of an unforgettable, iconoclastic friend in Egg.

Ever hear a saga so spectacularly good that it you add it to your bar story repertoire despite the fact you witnessed none of it yourself?  JordanBaker’s insult guy trilogy fits the bill.

Freewheel attempts (unsuccessfully) to enlist his spouse’s aid in restarting his blog.  Dear Spirited Wife.

“You’ve had this happen. I know you have.”  Nicolasix considers the post that never was in The Greatest Post in the World: A Tribute.