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Sad Day in Georgetown

A photograph of Joseph Pozell, the volunteer police officer, who was stuck by a vehicle in Georgetown this weekend and seriously injured. This photo, taken a few weeks earlier, shows Officer Pozell at work.


Five points, with great links, are here, including a very funny critique of a Craig’s List personal. “Who goes to the Cheesecake Factory to eat a salad?

But this writer really cranks in his recent post, “Getting ready to get killed with ready.gov – atomic style.”

Lots of helpful tips for dealing with a nuclear blast, and pointers to make it easy to distinguish, for instance, a nuclear explosion from gentrification.

Where’s that pesky steering wheel
Washington Socialites

Writer Kelly Ann Collins discovers she needs a driver’s license and must take a road test. She also needs a car for this road test.

ADD on a Sunday Afternoon
More Than My Luggage

If you had big plans Sunday to head to the office but came up short, don’t worry: you’re in good company. This writer details every step of a Sunday that includes Salem’s Lot, Popeye’s, string cheese and blogging.

Nuptials Drama
The Bex Blog

This writer shares some moments in her life and her running. This is a two-part post. The first is, “Well here’s one way to ensure a sh***y race.

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Photos: Assorted buildings on 17th near Mass Avenue.